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The history of development of JWEI flatbed cutter

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The popular flatbed cutter of JWEI have been continuously updating and optimizing performance all the time, to meet the market demand better.


Before 2010, the early flatbed cutter is LS series, it can be used for simple drawing and cutting,on the later period, LS series flatbed cutter is equipped with spring knife tools that can cut simple semi transparent materials.After exploring the development direction of the industry,in 2015, LSC,LSE first generation flatbed cutter with different positioning and cutting configurations was released,and realize the special needs of graphic and advertising industries.



In 2017, the first generation of LST flatbed cutter was born and the first model is equipped with brand-new camera positioning system and roller tools, provided a humanized solution for the graphic and advertising industry.The LST flatbed cutter second generation upgraded in 2018 improved work efficiency and accuracy greatly. With three tool heads structure,it can avoid tool blade replacement during work.The first automatic layered feeding and receiving system, solve the industry problem of multi-layer adhesion.LST flatbed cutter third generation, a completely newly upgraded version in 2019 that expand functions and improve cutting accuracy again. a new rotatable three machine heads configuration and a new large format model are added to meet more cutting needs. The new control operating system and human-computer interaction interface make the cutting more humanized.



JWEI  flatbed cutter would be more automatic and intelligent with continuously speeding up, upgrading, optimizing, and expanding the range of application,please look forward to it’s coming......

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