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JWEI intelligent garment cutting assembly line solution of FHD08-4516-PM fabric automatic cutter machine

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The revolutionary and innovative solution of garment cutting assembly line FHD08-4516-PM fabric automatic cutter machine opens up all links from [fabric preparation] to [sewing], and there is almost no manual intervention in the whole process.Garment cutting assembly line FHD08-4516-PM can apply in shirt(plain color shirt/stripe shirt/roll material/sheet material) ,in suit(plain color suit/stripe suit /roll material/sheet material) , in work clothes(cotton or pure polyester offset (20% cotton, 80% polyester fiber, roll material),and in knitting(roll material/ sheet material).



The advantages of FHD08-4516-PM fabric automatic cutter machine is as follows:

1.The production speed of the whole process is increased by 8 times
The intelligent assembly line (intelligent feeding, intelligent stripe alignment, intelligent marking, intelligent cutting and intelligent receiving) is 8 times faster than the traditional production mode.

2.Cutting efficiency increased by 4-20 times
The cutting efficiency is 4-20 times faster than the traditional manual method, and 4 times faster than the traditional semi-automatic cutting.

3. Intelligent flexible production
Connecting and transmitting the cutting data with third-party equipment by using the JWEI IOT cloud platform according to the actual situation of your factory.

4.Intelligent material receiving and waste cleaning
Through the intelligent tail material automatic collector, the table surface is automatically cleaned.More importantly,intelligent material receiving system can completely realize unattended and improve production efficiency.



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