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Comparable to top brand such as Zund or Esko,JWEI SCUTTER flatbed cutting system how to deal with composite material?

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JWEI SCUTTER flatbed cutting system,which contains more than 30 technological innovations and is comparable to the European quality ,is created to solve the production technical barriers of the advertising and composite material industry.


SCUTTER flatbed cutting system performs excellently because of it’s wonderful characteristics.SCUTTER flatbed cutting system is equipped with 3 cutter heads,which is suitable for cutting many kinds of materials with complex shapes and high quality,realize complex cutting effect,such as double precision slotting/cool relief ,and meet special/complex cutting needs of high-end customers.The maximum acceleration of SCUTTER flatbed cutting system is 2G,and the processing effect of small circle is improved to D1mm.Using the international top EtherCAT motion control system, the refresh cycle of 1000 bit distributed I/O data is only 30 μs.Equipped with the JWEI industrial MES system, material software and QR positioning system,SCUTTER flatbed cutting system makes the cutting more intelligent than ever. SCUTTER flatbed cutting system  can be used to cut composite material such as carbon / glass fiber, carbon / glass fiber prepreg, carbon felt, basalt fiber, aramid fiber, aramid honeycomb paper, glass fiber cotton, chopped felt, PVC, asbestos gasket, rubber gasket, etc.



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