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LST03II-0912-RM cardboard box cutting machine
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LST03II-0912-RM cardboard box cutting machine

Brand:  JWEI

Type: Cutting machine

Factory: Zhejiang,China

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Based on the customer needs in the market, JWEI R&D team has released creatively a larger equipment LST03II-0912-RM cardboard box cutting machine of the graphic and packaging industry, which solves the industry challenges in the short-run digital die-free market.A fully automated cardboard box cutting machine,With a larger format of 900x1200mm,LST03II-0912-RM cardboard box cutting machine upgrades its stack height to 180MM at the same time,and its cutting efficiency reaches 70 seconds/A3, 90 seconds/B2.Equipped with efficient cutting tools from JWEI rich tool library,LST03II-0912-RM cardboard box cutting machine provides fully automatic intelligent solution for cutting cardboard, self-adhesive, PVC, PP plate sheet, gray board, E/F-flute,corrugated board, KT board etc. Multiple working mode for B3, B2+ and B1+, an ideal finishing solution for jobs after printing.


LST03II-0912-RM cardboard box cutting machine






LST03II-0912 RM cardboard box cutting machine

* Extensible machine head module,equiped with press & cut tool,electric oscillating cutting tool,passive cutting tool,creasing wheel tool,industrial camera,4 groups functions can be extended in any combination.

*QR registration system,0.1s response leaveled QR-CCD vision registration system is applied to capture marks and material edges to make fast precisely and multi-task cutting

*B3 mode-triple pass,multiple groups work,4 group tools as most for simultaneous working,which is improving one's working efficiency

*Industrial design,unibody machine construction,simple and superior

*Infrarred safety,device to ensure the safety of operators

*Ethernet transmission port,LAN controlling machine and sourcing file

*Aerospace aluminum honeyconmb board,strong weather-proof materials with high flatness and good anti-deformation abillty under heavy loading

*Smart subarea system,subarea suction function to have stronger adsorption capacity for materials

*Integrated touch screen,visual digitization for adjusting presetting and storing knife depth & pressure data

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