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JWEI CB08II Flatbed Digital Cutter
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JWEI CB08II Flatbed Digital Cutter

Brand:  JWEI

Category: Model

Factory: NinGBo

1锛孡ow voltage control panel integrated inside the cutter: the low voltage control panel is integrated into the cutter with "drawer" design, taking full advantage of spare room inside.
2锛孒igh voltage control panel: mount the high voltage enclosure inside the cutter, which lay aside the cutter previously, easy for cable connection as a result of appropriate layout.
3锛孭neumatic parts layout: mount all pneumatic parts on the back of聽 a steel plate guard on one side of the cutter, easy for adjustment and maintenance.
4锛孉utomatic offset of cutting tool: add two automatic cutting tool offset units, one left and one right on the platform, enhanced effeciency and performance.
5锛孉ppearance design: professionally industrial design appearance, a feast for eyes.
6锛孋utting heads: upgrade modules and motors with smaller dimensions and compact appearance. Enhanced rigidity, less weight. Tools of CB08II are compatible with CB03II and CB06II series.

聽 Model No. 聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 CB08II-2516RM
聽 Multifunctional head 聽 Oscillating knife, offset knife, rotary knife,snip knife, cursor, drawing, automatic feeding
聽 Safety device 聽 Infrared sensor, responsive, safe and reliable
聽 moving speed 聽 Up to 1500 mm/s
聽 Cutting speed 聽 Up to 1200 mm/s锛圖epends on different materials锛
聽 Cutting thickness 聽 Up to 50mm锛圖epends on different materials锛
聽 Cutting material 聽 UV material, outdoor printing fabric, light sheet, gridding cloth, flag fabric, stickers, KT board, PVC expansion sheet, corrugated paper,聽 聽 聽honey comb board etc.
聽 Servo precisiony 聽 +/-0.01mm
聽 Repeat precision 聽 +/-0.05mm
聽 Buffer memory 聽 2GB
聽 Interface 聽 Ethernet port
聽 Material fixing meathod 聽 Vacuum adsorption
聽 Work command 聽 HP-GL compliant format
聽 Transmission system 聽 Servo driver, high precise gear
聽 Numerical control panel 聽 EN LED Touch screen
聽 Power Supply 聽 AC 380V+/-10%
聽 Working Environment 聽 Temperature 0-35 degree; Humidity 60% - 80%
聽 Effective Cutting Area 聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 2500mm*1600mm
聽 Machine Size(mm) 聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 3370mm*2380mm*1300mm


Head Office: 15-16F, 1# Building, NO.999 Yang Fan Road, National Hi-tech Park, 315040, Ningbo, China
Manufacture Base: No. 55, Dagang Three Road, Xinqi, Ningbo Development Zone, China

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