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  • How to break through for small and micro label printing companies in 2020

    In 2020, it is difficult for small and medium-sized micro label printing enterprises. Under such arduous market economy conditions, how can we highlight the encirclement, reduce operating costs, and be invincible in the fierce competition? Reform is the key. It is necessary to optimize the original production methods, improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and […]....


  • What should I pay attention to when buying packaging die-cutting equipment?

    Die-cutting machines in the packaging industry are commonly used equipment, and many packaging manufacturers will purchase them. JWEI has been engaged in the sales of intelligent cutting equipment in the packaging industry for more than 10 years, and has a deeper understanding of the die-cutting equipment in the packaging industry. What you need to pay […]....


  • How to choose the right Carton cutting machine

    There are many brands on the Carton cutting machine market. How to choose a good brand is a very important thing for many customers in the packaging industry. JWEI has been engaged in the research and development and sales of intelligent cutting equipment in the packaging industry for more than 10 years. Here are some […]....


  • PS foam board cutting sample display

    JWEI digital cutting machine used in advertising industry can effectively cut PS foam board, with high accuracy and high degree of automation, which can improve the production efficiency of customers. The following is the PS foam board cutting sample display. If you have equipment requirements, you can contact us info@jingwei.com.cn.....


  • What are the characteristics of JWEI vinyl sticker cutting plotter

    JWEI has been engaged in the research and development and sales of intelligent cutting equipment for more than 20 years, and has also won praise from many customers in the advertising graphic industry. The vinyl sticker cutting plotter launched by JWEI makes up for the personalized cutting needs of short run in graphic stores. There […]....


  • Matters needing attention in the operation of clothing proofing machine

    In order to improve the service life of the clothing proofing machine, it is generally required to avoid direct sunlight and other heat radiation, and to avoid places that are too humid, dusty or corrosive. Corrosive gas is easy to corrode and deteriorate electronic components, resulting in poor contact or short circuit between components, affecting […]....


  • 7 steps for making gift boxes

    Gift boxes are a major type in the packaging industry. With the increase in consumption levels, consumers are increasingly demanding gift boxes, the market prospects are also improving, and there are more and more manufacturers. JWEI has been engaged in the sales of gift box cutting machine for many years, and has a deep understanding […]....


  • JWEI joins hands with HP to create a new graphic and ecological environment

    At the 2019 HP Global Partner Conference, HP and JWEI jointly released the intelligent printing and cutting solutions for the graphic printing industry. JWEI officially joined the HP Global Partner System. Through HP's strong global influence, combined with JWEI's specific technology, the two sides have joined forces. After nearly a year of cooperation, they are […]....


  • I can do it! The real top stream cutting machine is here!

    "What is Top stream? Top stream refers to the star (product) in the top position of the industry with extremely strong influence and appeal." With the development of the graphic industry, small batches of personalized demand is becoming more and more significant, and the corresponding lack of equipment leads to high cost of demand realization […]....


  • Maintenance knowledge of carton box sample cutting machine

    JWEI's carton box sample cutting machine is now widely used in the packaging, printing and other industries for sample making. After the use of automation equipment, the sample making is fast and the sample quality is high, so the carton suppliers have a step ahead of the competitors to create the alienation advantage of business […]....


  • JWEI Classroom | How much do you know about packaging materials?

    From design to packaging material selection to printing, cutting, gluing, etc., a lot of professional knowledge is involved in this lengthy process. Take packaging materials for example. You may have heard of them but are unfamiliar with them. What materials are suitable for where? What are the characteristics? As a packaging cutting expert, JWEI will […]....


  • What are the advantages of graphic digital printing compared with traditional printing?

    The graphic industry is currently using digital quick printing more and more, has become a popular printing technology, what advantages does traditional printing have? JWEI company provides post-cutting equipment for the graphic fast printing industry, understands the industry better, and explains the advantages of graphic fast printing for everyone: 1. Comparison of printing steps Traditional […]....



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