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  • What are the business scopes of the digital printing industry?

    Digital printing is a traditional industry,but with the increase in customer demand,the business scopes of digital printing also increases.Some friends who are new to this industry may not know the specific business.JWEI has provided intelligent cutting machine for the digital printing industry for more than 10 years,and has an in-depth understanding of the industry.Next,I will […]....


  • You must refer to these 7 standards when purchasing packaging machinery

    JWEI has been committed to the research and development of digital cutting machine in the packaging industry. In the past 10 years, we have contacted tens of thousands of packaging industry customers and have a deep understanding of the entire production process of the packaging industry. Some new companies are buying packaging machinery. , They […]....


  • Car sticker material cutting sample display

    Car stickers are generally made of self-adhesive, with various patterns and different shapes. JWEI's intelligent cutting machine can achieve high-precision cutting, fast speed and good effect. It is the priority equipment for many customers. The following is Cutting sample display:  ....


  • Key Points of Lipstick Packaging Design

    Lipstick can be said to be the favorite of many female friends. You can’t walk when you see the exquisite and unique lipstick packaging. You have to buy it for yourself. These packaging boxes can be said to have a great attraction. The design of the lipstick packaging box What are the particulars? JWEI has […]....


  • How to customize a satisfactory cake packaging box?

    Packaging box customization have became a major trend in the packaging industry,and the pursuit of aesthetics and personalized cake packaging  has long been adds to the customization circle.The requirements  for customized cake packaging boxes are very high,so,how to make a satisfactory box?These are several points to note: 1/ customization process of cake packaging box A/design […]....


  • JWEI’s wonderful performance on apppexpo2020

    Not afraid of distance, Before the epidemic is over, JWEI is still here! New look, new machine, breakthrough challenge, redefine cutting! As a leader in the field of flexible material cutting, jwei brought 4 cutting-edge advertising artifacts that affect your production methods, shocking the audience. Go straight to the exhibition site Three years of research […]....


  • CB03II-2516-RQ|Upgrade, more extraordinary!

    Ten years ago, we created a classic, Ten years later, we create new trends. When classics collide with technology, When demand and industry are constantly updated, We bring you a new classic potential! CB03II-2516-RQ CB03II-2516-RM has been recognized as a classic in the industry for many years. As a new member of the classic series […]....


  • Almighty upgrade! Full cooperation! JWEI signs contract with KONICA MINOLTA China

    As a leader in the field of flexible material cutting, JWEI has taken the lead in launching the world's first exclusive sending, cutting, and collecting line in the graphic industry, which has been well received by many customers worldwide. In 2020, for printing, packaging, advertising and graphic customers, we will provide intelligent solutions for the […]....


  • Application range of sticker cutting machine

    Only after clearly understanding the characteristics of the sticker cutting machine will it be better to operate and use it. Today I will tell you about the scope of use of the self-adhesive cutting machine. 1. Flexible circuit board substrate-covering film, pure glue 2. Membrane key switch 3. Conductive cloth, 3M tape, dustproof net under […]....


  • A collection of creative products by JWEI LST graphic machine

    The LST series of graphic machines launched by JWEI is a star product in the graphic industry. Once it came out, it was welcomed and purchased by customers at home and abroad. This is because the LST graphic machine is the world's first exclusive sending and receiving pipeline for the graphic industry. It is a […]....


  • LST0604 cutting case display when used at the customer

    We show you a case of a typical graphic industry customer cutting.JWEI’s machine has been highly praised by customers.Self-adhesive,whith card,and coated paper can be effectively cut without the need to make a knife mold to achieve feeding and cutting. Integration with receiving. Customers with the same kind of cutting needs can refer to understand. According […]....


  • How to estimate the production price of color box?

    Color boxes are a type commonly used in the packaging industry today.Compared to monotonous corrugated packaging boxes,color boxes are more likely to be lovely by consumers,but the cost is higher than traditional packaging boxes,and many consumers who want to make color boxes are not clear that how estimate the production price of color boxes.JWEI has […]....



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