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FH03II Series Garment Cutting Machine
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FH03II Series Garment Cutting Machine

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In the field of customized shirt and stripes cutting, the FH03II-2516-RQ garment cutting machine is a mark of high cost performance: processing and receiving are synchronized, and the efficiency is more than 1.5 times that of traditional rolling table equipment.



We can use FH03II-2516-RQ garment cutting machine for the followingapplication

1.Sample cutting

2.High-end聽customization (suit, shirt, work dress, wedding dress)

3.Short runs cutting of special fabrics,such as:sheep shearing, double-sided cloth, artificial fur, super fiber, etc.


Cutting process of

Various fabrics and flexible synthetic composites,Synthetic fur, double-faced woolen goods,leather,etc



FH03II-2516-RQ garment cutting machine鈥檚 functional highlights:

1.Multifunctional head
It can easily change different tool heads, and has the functions of cutting, do the cutting mark and positioning

2.Stripes alignment cutting technology聽
There is no need to lay the fabric strips horizontally and vertically in the traditional mode, we just need to pave the fabric, and the garment cutting machine will directly cut the pieces that need stripes alignment through the JWEI visual system.

3.Automatic feeding
It can realize the automatic feeding of various cutting fabrics, and the utilization rate is more than 84%.

4.Automatic waste cleaning
When the worktable rolls, it automatically starts the waste cleaning function, which is fast and convenient to clean the worktable.



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