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FH03II Series
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FH03II Series

Brand:  JWEI

Category: Model

Factory: NinGBo

 Model Name   FH03II-1816   FH03II-1816-RE   FH03II-2516-RQ
  Multi-functional cutting heads   Easily exchange various tools.Features cutting,punching and drilling functions.
  Tool configuration   Rotary cut tool,I/V punching tool,plotting tool,optional oscillating tool,(round hole) positioning tool,drag knife,etc.
  Max. cut speed   1500mm/s (different from various media)
  Max. cut thickness   30mm (different from various media)
  Media   Knitted fabrics,woven fabrics,fur,polyurethane leather,synthetic leather,oxford

fabric,canvas,sponge,diablement fort fabric,various blended

fabrics used for apparel,suitcases/bags,sofa,floor mat/carpet,etc.

  Media Fixed by   Vacuum
  Repeat Precision   ±0.1mm
  Interface   Ethernet
  HMI   Touch screen(En and CN languages)
  Transmission system   Imported servo,linear bearing,synchronous belt,guide screw,gear,etc.
  Command system   HP-GL compatible
  Power   9.5KW
  Rated voltate   380V±10%
  Effective working size   1800mmx1600mm   1800mmx1600mm   2500mmx1600mm
  Max. mat width   1680mm   1650mm   1650mm
  Machine size   2950x2620x1280 mm   5500x2620x1280 mm   3650x2620x1280 mm


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