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JWEI BK03II series carbon fiber prepreg cutting machine cut carbon fiber and glass fiber easily

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Composite material can be used in a amount of industries, such as bicycle,fishing rod or fishing tackle,racket and other sports equipment, electronic industry,protection industry,protective clothing, auto industry, high-speed rail, aviation industry, drone industry, surfboard etc., carbon fiber, glass fiber, PE membrane, sound insulation cotton, etc., are all materials that belong to the composite material industry. JWEI BK03II series carbon fiber prepreg cutting machine  cut carbon fiber , glass fiber ,PE membrane, sound insulation cotton easily.



By manual cutting or punch knife cutting,the traditional cutting mode are inefficient in cutting carbon fiber and glass fiber,while the JWEI BK03II Carbon fiber prepreg cutting machine can handle the composite material easily and efficiently,equipped with the high-frequency electric oscillating knife,the speed of flatbed cutter plotter table is up to 16,000 RPM and is easy to deal with harder and thicker materials,we can also use the drag knife to cut,its speed is faster than the oscillating knife.



With independent intellectual property rights,the high-end four-axis high-speed motion control system of JWEI BK03II Carbon fiber prepreg cutting machine ensures accurate movement of cutting head and smooth curve movement.The high-performance integrated circuit controller can be connected to any ordinary computer and completely eliminate the stagnation problem of the cutting equipment caused by the computer......

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