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How to cut and groove polyester fiber board by JWEI’s CNC oscillating knife cutter

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How to cut and groove polyester fiber board by JWEI's CNC oscillating knife cutter.

As we all know, Polyester fiber board is the decorative building material with sound-absorbing function made of polyester fiber by hot pressing and is professionally designed to meet the indoor decoration,it is close to nature, harmless to human body, and has simple construction which can change into various shapes through machines and tools.Polyester fiber board can be applied in lots of scene,such as highly specialized studios, recording studios and sound equipment testing rooms,sound insulation door or wall,production workshops,offices,conference room,library, reading room,hotels and other places that need sound insulation materials......



JWEI has much industry experience in cutting polyester fiber board and operates many application cases successfully all over the world. JWEI's CNC oscillating knife cutter with the high-frequency oscillating knife can professionally cut polyester fiberboard rely on the core technology advantages which contains intelligently slotting or punching,provide efficient and intelligent cutting solutions for countless customers. let us watch the video that JWEI's CNC oscillating knife cutter cut polyester fiber board .




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