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BK Carpet/Mat Cutting Table
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BK Carpet/Mat Cutting Table

Brand:  JWEI

Category: Model

Factory: NinGBo

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1. High frequency oscillating knife tool, fast cutting speed, high precision.

2. Adjustable pressure plate tool, effectively prevent the phenomenon of silk being hanged, guarantee the steady cutting.

3. Roll material feeding frame, avoid the falling of roll material, benefit the smooth cutting.

4. Optional kiss cutting function, easy taking down, long using cycle of surface.

5. Perfectly cut 10mm thickness sponge composite skin, completely eradicate the irregular cased by manual work, save material cost.

6. Support national commonly-used DXF, HPGL format, simplify working process.

7. Being connected to several remote computers, realize man-machine separate operation, labor-saving.

8. We accept customize machine size according to customers requirements.


聽 Model聽No. 聽 BK03II-1816 聽 BK03II-2516RM
聽Multifunctional聽tool聽head 聽 Oscillating聽thorough聽cutting/Kiss聽cutting/Cursor聽Locating
聽 Cutting聽tools 聽 Kinds聽of聽cutting聽tools
聽 Safety聽device 聽 Infrared聽sensing,聽sensitive,聽safe聽and聽reliable
聽 Moving聽speed 聽 Up聽to 1200mm/s
聽 Cutting聽speed 聽 Up聽to 800mm/s
聽 Cutting聽thickness 聽 Up聽to聽22mm(depends聽on聽the聽kind聽of聽material)
聽 Cutting聽material 聽 Car聽foot聽mat,聽Sponge聽composite聽skin聽etc.
聽 Platform聽design 聽 Flat聽plate聽type聽platform
聽 Fixing聽method 聽 Vacuum聽suction
聽 Repeat聽precision 聽 鈮0.1mm
聽 Buffer聽memory 聽 2G
聽 Transmission聽system 聽 Imported(Digital聽servo聽driver聽straight聽rail聽synchronous聽belt)
聽 Command聽system 聽 HP-GL聽compatible聽format
聽 Rated聽power 聽 7.5KW 聽 11KW
聽 Power聽supply 聽 380V卤10%
聽 Effective聽cutting聽Area 聽 1800mm*1600mm 聽 2500mm*1600mm
聽 Machine聽size(mm) 聽 2900*2370*1250 聽 3450*2450*1250

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