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An Indonesian customer customize the JWEI’s FH03II-3016-RQ fabric cutter machine

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Why did the Indonesian customer customize the JWEI's FH03II-3016-RQ fabric cutter machine? In addition to the core advantage of the top camera and projector, the 3-meter cutting size can be used to cut fabric in two methods,there are more attractive points.



The working mode of JWEI's FH03II-3016-RQ fabric cutter machine is mainly designed based on the two industry backgrounds of the sharp rise in labor costs and the lack of cutting skilled workers.People who don't know anything about cutting can easily use the top camera and projector to cut,it means that the operator can work on a zero basis in this strip cutting mode,when an employee leaves the cutting workshop, the new employee can quickly work as long as he can master the basic computer operation.The accuracy is also great. the projector will display the cutting image in real time no matter whether the top camera and projector cutting mode or the traditional cutting mode is adopted ,and the cutting is along the image contour,when there is a problem with the image display, we can stop at any time, which is equivalent to the final inspection before cutting and can avoid the wrong cutting.How about cutting efficiency? 5-8 sets of suit every hour and 8-12 pieces of shirt every hour can be cut by JWEI's FH03II-3016-RQ fabric cutter machine.



Friends ,if you are also facing the cutting problems in the garment industry, JWEI's FH03II-3016-RQ fabric cutter machine is also very suitable for you.


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