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JWEI Year-end Review of Software Section

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The software system is the kinetic energy and foundation that connects and drives the entire production chain as the most powerful brain of the solution. JWEI is leading the industry’s development and was named the top 10 software companies with its advanced software engineering system.

JWEI ‘s self-developed footwear cutting software is China's first professional CAD software in 1996, it is widely recognized and well received by the market once launched and soon swept the country, which is still the most well-known footwear production brand in the domestic market.

JWEI’s software system becomes more and more powerful after years of development, and the software system includes the unmanned cutting software system , internet of things cloud platform , materials database software, MES software system of  industrial-grade 4.0 , JWFB, JWCS , JWCM and other advanced software systems up to 2020. Take the material database software as an example, the abundant material database can realize automatic operation of the whole production process, such as arbitrary selection of cutting about various material data, automatic writing and reading, besides, it is support for self-defined materials and the visualization of tool information.

It not only increases efficiency and reduces costs through MES system docking, cloud data analysis and industry information flow, but more importantly, it is customer-oriented and conforms to the current trend of customization, personalization and flexibility. The production process is highly intelligent with the smart cutting solution.


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