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JWEI Year-end Review of Innovation Section

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Innovation is the key factor to build the core competitiveness and is the inexhaustible driving force for the vigorous development of enterprises in the increasingly fierce market competition. Innovation occupies a crucial position in the corporate culture of JWEI, we believe that only by optimizing the team, absorbing the latest technological achievements, and continuously exporting innovative products to the market, can JWEI grow for long and have a bright future.

Based on the market environment and customer demand, JWEI continuously upgrades its products and launch a number of cutting machines after repeated research by the R & D team in 2020, such as SCUTTER ,LST03II-0806-RM,CBO3II-2516-RM and so on.

The most eye-catching cutting machine is SCUTTER, which redefines cutting and helps solve the production technical problem of enterprises. SCUTTER has much high-quality performance such as high speed, high precision and high hardness and so on, once it is launched, it has attracted the attention of the majority of customers and caused huge market effect. JWEI‘s each new equipment helps many customers solve cutting problems efficiently and quickly, helps enterprises improve market competitiveness by intelligent cutting and makes the economic benefits continue to rise.


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