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Maintenance knowledge of carton box sample cutting machine

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JWEI's carton box sample cutting machine is now widely used in the packaging, printing and other industries for sample making. After the use of automation equipment, the sample making is fast and the sample quality is high, so the carton suppliers have a step ahead of the competitors to create the alienation advantage of business trip in sample making.

While using the Carton box sample cutting machine, its maintenance is also very important. If you do not pay attention to maintenance, cutting out the accuracy will be reduced a lot, will cause a great impact on production, so we should pay attention to maintenance.

Maintenance method of Carton box sample cutting machine:

1. Add lubricating oil regularly

Lubricate the Carton box sample cutting machine regularly to reduce mechanical wear and noise.

2. Proper operation method

Only in strict accordance with the operating instructions of the machine to ensure the reliable operation of the machine, the structure of the machine, the performance of a full understanding of the machine, and can have a certain amount of operation and maintenance experience before the operation of the machine.

3. Consider the environment

Maintain ventilation to ensure good indoor air quality, and do not mix with acid and alkaline items in one room. Keep the machine away from direct sunlight for a long time and be easily affected by rain.

4. Clean the carton box sample cutting machine

Keep the working surface of the carton box sample cutting machine clean, regularly wipe the dirt on the working surface with detergent, and remove the scraps of paper and other debris left on the working surface after each processing, so as to avoid entering the machine and sticking the carton box sample cutting machine. The work table surface can not have the weight pressure, so as not to affect the work table surface flatness.

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