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What are the advantages of graphic digital printing compared with traditional printing?

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The graphic industry is currently using digital quick printing more and more, has become a popular printing technology, what advantages does traditional printing have? JWEI company provides post-cutting equipment for the graphic fast printing industry, understands the industry better, and explains the advantages of graphic fast printing for everyone:

1. Comparison of printing steps

Traditional printing (offset printing) has to go through nearly ten steps from design to manuscript review, from film production to proofing, from inspection to drying. Therefore, it is necessary to start up and make a board. Digital quick printing only needs four steps of design, review, printing and binding to get everything done.

2. Comparison of basic costs

Traditional printing covers a large area and requires a large investment in technology. The investment of up to tens of millions of yuan has made some small and medium investors discouraged and powerless. Digital quick printing is mostly small, fast, and smart, and relatively speaking, its investment is much smaller. The core of Digital Express is software. As long as the software updates can keep up, Digital Express will always be at the forefront of the printing industry. And a set of software of several thousand yuan is too small compared to a set of equipment of several million yuan. It is no wonder that Digital Express has quickly become the first choice for some young people to start a business. One or two people, a dozen square meters of storefront, can open a digital express printing store.

3.the comparison of flexibility

Digital quick printing has an unparalleled advantage: print on demand. The modern business model is flexible and flexible, and it is reflected in the printed matter. It is likely that today's requirements are different from yesterday. This requires the printing industry to have strong flexibility. Traditional plate-making printing cannot meet the requirements, and digital quick printing is favored for its super flexibility. Its appearance caters to the business operation requirements of modern high-speed development, so it can be quickly promoted in the market.

If you are the owner of the graphic shop and want to improve the efficiency of the subsequent cutting, you can learn more about the LST03-0806-RM equipment introduced by JWEI, which is an upgraded version of the hot-selling product LST-0604, which can cut larger materials. There is no need to open the mold and automatically receive and send materials. It can perform three operations: cutting, creasing, and drawing, which can effectively improve the cutting efficiency of the graphic and fast printing industry. For details, please contact online customer service.


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