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What are the characteristics of JWEI vinyl sticker cutting plotter

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JWEI has been engaged in the research and development and sales of intelligent cutting equipment for more than 20 years, and has also won praise from many customers in the advertising graphic industry. The vinyl sticker cutting plotter launched by JWEI makes up for the personalized cutting needs of short run in graphic stores. There is no need to make knife molds, only the graphics need to be set on the software, and then accurate cutting and half cutting can be achieved. Customers love it very much . The LST-0604-RM launched in recent years has become a star model in the graphic industry, thanks to the advanced automation technology of the equipment, which can realize automatic positioning, automatic feeding and automatic receiving, effectively saving labor costs , Improve the production efficiency and automation level of graphic stores, and further enhance the competitiveness.

LST0604 vinyl sticker cutting plotter is developed and produced for digital quick printing companies and proofing studios. It mainly cuts 125g-350g cardboard, coated paper and other air-impermeable paper materials, and self-adhesive materials above 125g. The maximum cutting speed can reach 800mm / min, the accuracy reaches ± 0.2mm.

Equipped with automatic feeding and receiving system, it can realize unattended continuous work; three machine head configurations, one machine can realize half-cut, full-cut and indentation functions at the same time; rolling table with CCD automatic positioning function can achieve short run , Multi-batch automatic operation; barcode recognition function, can automatically access the cutting path (need to be equipped with a scanning gun).

LST0604 vinyl sticker cutting plotter is in hot sales. Customers with the same kind of cutting needs can consult online to learn more about the equipment.


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