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What is the LST03II-0912-RM flatbed cutting table? What it is function? Let’s look at what JWEI partners have to say ?

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Cuting and creasinq used to be a time consuming and labour intensive porst print production process,It is integral for severa of the products we require, but the time to produce dies or formes and the need to quite often move the product between different machinesfor different applications, made the possibity of smaIl batch or prototyping very prohibitlve.As with everything in our industry, time and technology moves on, maybe not in line with Moore's law used in computing meaning computers double In speed every two years, but certaInly to the point that manufacturng equipment we dreamed of having is now readily availabe.This is true very much so in post-producton equipment where today you can get machinery that not only bundes several processes into one device, and the computer software being able to drive theequipment makes the preparation and processing of even one-off production,commonplace.



So, where does the LST03II-0912-RM flatbed cutting table  fit in?



IGS s a UK-based supplier of CtP and post-press equipment and is the agent for one of China's largest manufacturers of cut and crease machines JWEI Whist JWEI may not be a common name in the UK, lt certailnly is in China where it has built a very strong reputation for equipment. Startlng in 1993 as the JINGWEI Shoe soft company, within five years the JWEI software and cutter/plotters had established the company with a 90% share of shoe production equipment in China.Over the years that followed, the company branched out adaptlng the JWEI digital cutting tables for a number of other industries such as automotive lnterors, clothing, signage, and quite naturally the graphlcs industry.By 2013, the company had expanded to produce its own high-specification integrated circuit controllers that drive the JWEI packaging software and has a vast range of flatbed cutting and creasing machinery which is cable of coping with almost any thing you could consider.


We have chosen to take a look at the  LST03II-0912-RM flatbed cutting table . lt is a Bl cutting and creasing device which is manufactured by JWEI consisting of a cutting head grouping a series of cutters and creasing heads for a large number of finishing operations in one pass.The basic design of the machine is as would be expected for a device of this nature, a wel -constructed honeycomb vacuum base made of arrcraJt-crrade aluminium. A series of holes providing four vacuum zones each independently con-trolled by a strong suction system ensure even the heaviest or lightest materials aresecured firmly, vital for keeping the cutting accuracy to the claimed +/-0.1mm. As would be expected, the key ability to complete the desired tasks on the machine has its success based in the design of the over arch carrying the cutting head itself.



The  LST03II-0912-RM flatbed cutting table has a solid frame carrying a series of linear bearings allowing the cutting head to move effort lessly from side to side, positioning the required cutterin the same place every time. The drive itself is of a synchronous belt design which means there is no opportun-ity for the head to be mis-positioned and the belts themselves are driven by accurate servo drivers which are needed for both the acceleration and speed of 1,500mm/sec traversing and 1,200mm/sec cutting. There are four tools in the cutting head itself: an electric oscillating tool, creasing wheel, and press and cut, and passive cutting tools. Each with a specific purpose and task, this combination of tools can be supplemented by optional tools such as adual V-Cut tool and press cutting tooling. Each of the individual tools provide a wide scope of materials and operations, be that kiss cut, perforation, full cut, or crease. The combination of standard or optiona tools will be able to provide any process considered.Feeding and delivering the substrate is for any engineer one of the most trying ofthe design concepts to get right. It seems straight forward but a B1 sheet of paper orboard can be quite a handful to manage.

LST03II-0912-RM flatbed cutting table  completes this task extremely well, it can hold up to 100 sheets in the feeder and collects andt ransports each individual sheet by means of a series of suction cups integrated into the over arch itself, firmly gripping the sub-strate and placing it onto the bed.One of many clever elements of the machine is the fact you can collect acombination of sheets in one go, meaning you can maximise the production of the machine by programming a number of different jobs nested into one pass. For instance, a B1 machine is not dedicatedto this format, it can easily handle three B3 sheets at the same time, each with adifferent profile on them.


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