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What is the function of CNC Knife Cutting Machine for corrugated board ? what mainly material can cut ?

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CNC Knife Cutting Machine for corrugated board is also called sample cutting for paper box, box making machine,which is specially cutting machine for carton box proofing and replacement order,small bacth order of packaging without die cutting. the workflow of machine is automatically, including cutting, creasing, slotting, broken line and so on . it is replace the worker to make the box, and it save the time and cost of making carton box. In addition to cut cardboard materials,it also can cut leather,poliyester fiber board, pp plastic hollow board ,rubber,asbestos gasket and other materials .



The technology of CNC Knife Cutting Machine for corrugated board is updated and devepmed, which is close to all kinds of needs of printing and packaging factory. It has the characteristics of high speed,high precision and strong stability of machine.it is applied for printing packaging industry, digital graphic shop,electronices factory, die factory, corrugated carton factory,etc. it can cut all kinds of flexble material ,such as EPE foam, EVA foam, honeycome board, cardboard, it is liked by all industries customer.



Features of CNC Knife Cutting Machine for corrugated board

1. JWEI CNC Knife Cutting Machine for corrugated board cutting with oscillation knife cutter and creasing wheel, slotting tool,etc, you can pick the right cutter according to your material thickness .

– drag knife cutter of machine : specially for some thin material within 5mm,compared with the oscillating knife tool , the speed of it is fastly.

– oscillating knife cutter : specially for thicker(more than 5mm) or harder material,it is equiped with special hardened tungsten steel blades,its characteristics is fastly and cutting edges is smooth.

2. With the creasing wheel for paper folding,you can easily fold the box. So we can choose the the most suitable crease wheel for fold making according the thickness of your material,our company can customized the creasing wheel for you.

3. The anti-collision and the built-in auto-sensing devices ensure the security of worker .

4. The cnc oscillation knife cutter machine for corrugated board cutting is designed professional for mass production and can save cost utmost.



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