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JWEI Make Voice Jointly on the Earth Hour Day

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On March 26th,the Earth Hour Day,JWEI Launch the "Earth Hour" environmental protection activity to make a voice for environmental protection in the form of joint signature; many JWEI’ staff promise to practice the concept of caring for the earth with green actions such as "turning off the lights for an hour".



JWEI CNC oscillating knife cutter has been integrating the concept of environmental protection and using oscillating knife cutter to achieve efficient cutting of a variety of materials since the birth of the first generation of products ;the whole production process is dust-free, odorless and pollution-free, and JWEI is committed to building a environmentally friendly intelligent manufacturing workshop.


Everyone is responsible for protecting the earth,let’s start from ourselves and from every little thing in life, so that environmental protection isn’t just the "one hour" of today.

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