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Introduction of common cutting tool of digital cutting tables for you

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JWEI's digital cutting tables has different types of cutting tools and can be used for cutting different materials,you need to know the apllication of cutting tools of digital cutting tables before purchase the igital cutting tables,Therefore, you can better choose the configuration of digital cutting tables you need.Now i will introduce the cutting tool of digital cutting tables to you .



1,None oscilating tool/Drag knife of digital cutting tables

None oscilating tool for kinds of soft materials cut up to 5MM thickness,such as cardboard,foding card,thin plastics,pp gum,high density pvc foam board,varnish blankets,gaskets,leather,flexo glass,etc.

2,Oscillating cutting tool of digital cutting tables

Oscillating cutting tool for kinds of corrugated paper cut up to 25mm,such as cardboard,grey board,corrugated board,honeycomb cardboard,fluted core board,flexo plates,KT board,foam board,carpet,corrugated plasstic,etc.

3,Kiss cut tool of digital cutting tables

Kiss cut tool of digital cutting tables for kinss cutting on thin multi-layer materials can cut adhesive stikcer,such as sticker,car sticker,reflective sticker,magnetic sheet and other.

4,Router tool

Router tool for Acrylic board,composite materials and high density materials can cut up to 15mm,such as dibond/ACM,Acrylic,MDF,Epoxy board,etc.

5,Rotary tool of digital cutting tables

Rotary tool of digital cutting tables can cut uv fabric ,carbon fiber,glass fiber and textiles,fur,the cutting thickness is up to 8mm.

6,V-CUT tool of digital cutting tables

V-CUT tool of digital cutting tables for 0°,15°,22.5°,30°,45° bevel cutting and materials cut up to 20mm thickness,such as honeycomb board,folding card,solid grey board,reboard and other.

7,Foam cutting tool of digtal cutting tables

Foam cutting tool for cutting foam board cut up to 50mm

8, Creasing tool of gidital cutting tables

Creases a variety of materials ,directional pressure adjustments for creasing with or against corrugation


Above is the introduction of cutting tools of digital cutting tables,if you want to know more information,please contact us,wechat/whatsapp is 18368275009



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