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Manufacturers of JWEI cutting machine bring benifits to gasket manufacuters

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Are you a manufacturer of carpeting, mats, seals,rubber gaskets and other kinds of gaskets? so how to improve the efficiency that you produce gasket with high precision?JWEI's CNC oscillating knife cutter for making seals and gaskets will help you.


JWEI's CNC oscillating knife cutter BK03II-2516-RM is the perfect cutting machine to carry out and perform precision cutting for all kinds of gasket materilas,,and It uses a high-frequency oscillating knife tool that is able to operate with speed and precision, paired together with a smart camera, therefore,you can finish the gasket materials with printed pattern at the shortest time, it is able to efficiently optimize cutting paths to save as much materials as possible.

Features of JWEI's CNC oscillating knife cutter

* Oscillating knife cutting with dust-free, odorless and pollution-free;
* CNC oscillating knife cutter is compatible with all kinds of CAD software, making it extremely simple to use when designing and cutting material, giving the best user experience possible.
* CNC oscillating knife cutter can cut the diamiter of 3mm circle,because the cutting precision is up to 0.1mm
* CNC oscillating knife cutter have varies of the modle to you choose.such as 1.8*1.6 meter, 2.5*1.6 meter,3*3.2 meter,etc.



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