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Introduction of the top camera of JWEI fabric cutter machine for you

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A few yeas ago, the sportswear mainly uses laser fabric cutter machine for cutting and in the later, there are some manufacturers gradually turn to the round knife tool cutting due to the environmental protection. now printed sportswear cutting realizes the automatic single-layer cutting by the JWEI  fabric cutter machine with top camera of line drawing generated automatically.



The automatic threshold of the top camera of JWEI fabric cutter machine does not need repeated debugging, reduces the dependence on manual , and improves the production efficiency by at least 2 times compared with the manual mode.Besides,Led eye protection light reduces light stroboscopic and reduces the black edge of 3-4mm on the market to 2-3mm,which can increase material utilization greatly.Equipped with active feeding rack that bears 75kg-150kg, the sportswear fabric is free from stretching and deformation.Transverse anti wrinkle rod reduces the possibility that the material will not wrinkle.




The top camera of JWEI fabric cutter machine is convenient to operate(you just need to click one button to take photos),the cutting process is that cutting personnel put the materials on the automatic feeding rack and then take pictures with the top camera,after extracting the contour, the materials are cut automatically with high-accuracy (< 2mm).


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