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How to “increase efficiency, reduce cost” in the advertising industry

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How to "increase efficiency, reduce cost and generate income", The old customer Tianqi advertising LTD. of JWEI Digital Flatbed Cutting Tables knows its way well,how to build core competitiveness and become an irreplaceable force in the advertising industry, Tianqi has its own way.



01. Efficiency increase

you need have the standardization of machines,such as flatbed digital cutting tables,Photo machine,Laminating machine and so on ,with the help of these standard machines, it can not only greatly increase efficiency and production capacity, but also improve the quality of advertising products, abandon the problems of low precision, low efficiency and low quality of manual making, and make customers more satisfied. and you also need have the special post and full-time, if professional people are allowed to do professional things and maximize their value, the operation efficiency of the enterprise will be higher and the income will be more.



02. Cost reduce

The first is to reduce the raw materials, The annual purchase amount of Tianqi Jiangxi factory reached 20million yuan,contacting raw material suppliers to directly purchase from the factory will become an important way for Tianqi to solve the problem of the cost of raw materials. The second is the standardizing workshop layout, clarifying the process of each production link, and then improving workshop utilization rate is a way to reduce costs for Tianqi. The third is to reduce the labor cost, replacing manual cutting with flatbed digital cutting tables and reducing high labor cost with simple machine management is the practice of Tianqi leading the industry.



03.Income increase

You need to follow the market trend, guide customers to use new technologies, processes and products, and create a win-win situation.and  bringing good service and creating value for customers in the current era of serious product homogeneity will be the foundation for enterprises to achieve revenue generation. and the delivery fast to save time and create convenience for customers, so as to improve customer stickiness and satisfaction.



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