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JWEI Flatbed Digital Cutter for cutting 3M reflective membrane of traffic safety

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3M reflective membrane of traffic safety is applied in a variety of scenario,such as road signs that contain large road signs and small street signs,construction signboard,signage of power factory or chemical factory, reflective column on the highway,etc. JWEI flatbed digital cutter is used for making engineering grade/super grade/diamond grade reflective membrane,digital printing products,and DC membrane.The first step of the technological process is bottom sheet processed,then feeding and receiving synchronously without tension, automatic deviation correction while half cutting or full cutting,  tearing off the cut part to expose the lower membrane,at the last, heat and stick the sheet on the aluminum plate. If you have the flatbed digital cutter, you will cost less time to make road sign.



The advantages of JWEI Flatbed Digital Cutter CB03II-2516-RM for 3M reflective membrane of traffic safety is as following:

  1. half cut and full cut are realized at one time.
  2. compatible with cutting of digital inkjet reflective membrane.
  3. compatible with lettering and cutting of all reflective film materials.
  4. strong vacuum adsorption and material fixation
  5. high cutting precision and fast speed.
  6. one machine for multiple purposes (with tools).



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