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Introduction of the advantage of JWEI plotter cutter

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Firstly,let's know something about the technological process of JWEI plotter cutter:measuring clothing sample size,drawing clothing template or CAD structure ,and then printout......the process is simple and intelligent.What’s the advantage of JWEI intelligent plotter cutter?with stable performance and automatic paper feeding system,JWEI plotter cutter is the patented product that is safe and reliable and has a wide range of users.With high performance integrated circuit board, it ensures fast and high precision cutting.It can also connect any CAD software of clothing and realize the drawing of fabric automatic template and sewing production net template.Besides,it is easy to operate via the Chinese and English LCD display.


EDO-1653A and EDO-1862A are two typical models of JWEI plotter cutter. EDO-1653A plotter cutter is the first brand of intelligent paper sample machine and covers more than 90% of the market share,which has a very long service life, the longest known customers of using EDO-1653A plotter cutter exceeds 12 years. EDO-1862A plotter cutter is the benchmark of the paper sample machine in the 1990s, and the first one without nuts in appearance has the high efficiency which is comparable to that of overseas paper sample cutting products.

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