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Tianqi advertising,an old customer of JWEI‘s Digital Flatbed Cutting Tables talked about how to increase income

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Recently, JWEI visited Jiangxi Tianqi advertising, an old customer of JWEI  in the advertising industry, to have an in-depth understanding of how Tianqi can stay at the forefront of the industry.



In Tianqi ‘s sight,JWEI is like a familiar old friend and an indispensable part of the process of Tianqi's intelligent production. After several market surveys and visits to several first-tier cities, the idea of the huge gap between manual and machine is more rooted in the heart of Tianqi,Tianqi knows that if they wants to seek the long-term development of the company and keep up with the market trend, they have to change,Tianqi finally decided to purchase Digital Flatbed Cutting Tables from JWEI and purchased a total of 14 JWEI Digital Flatbed Cutting Tables.



Mature product system and good after-sales service have become the key factors for Tianqi to choose JWEI Digital Flatbed Cutting Tables, and the practical application over the years proves that this is a wise choice. Among the 14 JWEI Digital Flatbed Cutting Tables, the one that has been used for the longest time has been 6 years,the "old hero" still operates stably and leads the "younger generation", creating countless profits for Tianqi.



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