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Introduction to functions and Features of the TB08II series flatbed plotter by JWEI

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The TB08II series flatbed plotter by JWEI is used for adversiting indusry,printing and packaging indusry,graphic shop,which is specialized in cutting flexible materials such as corrguated board,PVC Foam Board,Cardboard,Acrylic,D-board,MDF, fabric, leather...etc.you can finish your all kind of order by TB08II series flatbed plotter at the shortest time, Its effective cutting range upto 3.1x2.1 meters. Its functions include cutting, oscillating, creasing, plotting, and v-cut,half-cut.Its thickness is up to 50mm,so you can cut the materials of varies of thickness,the cutting speed is up to 1.2m/s which is depending on different materials.



Feature of TB08II series flatbed plotter

1,Optional 1800W heavy duty router tool for higher hardness cutting;
2,Customized working area,joint module design provides with varies sizes as per requirements;
3,Stable transmission secure highly precise cutting and great repeatability;
4,High synchronization,excellent data handling capacity,simple layout for wires and computer case,fast-speed straght cure switch.
5,Triple cutting head with multi-functions tools combined at ease,double cutting head for option tool
6,Auto setting for tools by pressure sensor,precisely control the cutting depth.


More information of TB08II series flatbed plotter,please contact us,wechat/whatsapp 18368275009

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