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How to manage and control the production of furniture carton

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Furniture manufacturing enterprises are a kind of large customers for packaging factories,Furniture carton prices and profits are relatively high, so furniture customers are profit customers of fackaging factories,In order to make cartons for furniture enterprises, so how to manage the production of furniture carton packaging factory?

1、Strictly control the quality of furniture carton to reduce the loss

Furniture cartons are generally produced according to customer orders, and because of the different export countries, different batch sizes, carton production quantity control, quality control is particularly important.Because the price of a single furniture carton is higher, the production control of the carton factory may cause more losses.Furniture carton batch, manual procedures, these characteristics determine that the furniture production enterprise is the most suitable for the development of the third class carton factory customers,Because of the difficulty of service and the difficulty of personnel control, it is difficult for larger carton factories to carry out effective control.Especially when there is a problem with the batch, the carton factory can reduce the excess loss by means of stickers only when the communication with the customer is in place.

2、Workers arrangement

Furniture carton, large, covers an area of a large, workers handling is quite cumbersome, and most furniture cartons need to be labeled with color, so need carton factory in workers have sufficient preparation,Color label Posting is also a very professional work, whether the level, the position is appropriate, whether the glue spillover, whether the speed can keep up with the delivery, these are the bottleneck of restricting the furniture carton bulk.

3、Equipment configuration and base paper configuration

Furniture cartons are generally packed with chairs, tables, sofas and other items, items are generally large, so the carton box is also very large.From the point of view of the characteristics of most furniture cartons, most need the corrugated type of AB or seven layers of cardboard.Therefore, for carton factories, the most important thing is that the configuration of equipment meets the requirements of this kind of production.

(1)cardboard production line

In order to meet the production requirements,it is best to have a 2.5M wide cardboard production line.The production line with too small door width will lead to the production of many kinds of cardboard, which will affect the packaging of the whole line of products for furniture customers.

(2)Printing and back-end equipment

Furniture carton printing is generally simple, but the carton size is very large, so the configuration of printing press and carton box sample cutting machine, press drum is very large and large working format of the carton box sample cutting machine, it is best to configure 3200×2600mm type printing press and 3000×2000mm type carton box sample cutting machine, so for furniture carton processing will be more convenient


Foreign furniture customers for the carton breaking strength requirements are generally around 18 kg,so the paper requirements of this kind of furniture carton is generally based on the Card,Its packing case management or nine dragon high rupture paper is also used a lot.

Jingwei specializes in r & D, production, sales and production of carton box sample cutting machine, corrugated carton cutting machine, furniture carton box sample cutting machine.No need to make knife plate, so that furniture packaging can be formed, save the time of making knife mold, improve work efficiency;For color carton, with CCD camera precise positioning, nearly finished production, reduce labor costs.

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