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Function introduction of cardboard box making machine

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When the products are updated and the technology is becoming more and more advanced, let's embrace the "new" and go to the new vitality together!

Cardboard box making machine is suitable for making cardboard box,color box,gift box,drop,label sticker,doorplate,artware etc,and cardbard box making machine mainly cut cardboard,sticker,coated paper,plastic board,pvc board and other flexible materials.

Advantages of the cardboard box making machine:



--- More advantages
△ Equipped with automatic feeding and auxiliary receiving system, can realize unattended continuous work province!

---no die cutting
△ No need to make knife die, save the time and cost of making knife die

--- Multifunctional fast paper feeding production
Designed for short order, on-demand production, typically takes 30-60 seconds  to process A3 size labels or cards(depending on the complexity of the shape)
△ Three head configuration, one machine can realize half cutting, full cutting and indentation function
△ Rolling table with CCD automatic positioning function, can realize small batch, multi batch automatic operation
△TWO-DIMENSIONAL code recognition function, can automatically retrieve the cutting path

---JWPS automatic box library software
△One key short version customization to help industry transformation and upgrading






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