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Amazing!You can make this out of carbon fiber?

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As we all know,carbon fiber,high strength and high modulus fiber containing more than 90% carbon fiber,High temperature resistance is the first of all chemical fibers.Products made from carbon fiber are lightweight and extremely strong,Is that it is the manufacturing of aerospace, car track, golf clubs tennis rackets sports equipment, fishing rod and other high-tech equipment of good materials,In fact, in addition to all this, you make this thing out of carbon fiber?-- High performance carbon fiber components, such as carbon fiber square tube adapters, medical carbon fiber plates, etc

The manufacturing process of high performance carbon fiber parts is as follows:The rolls of carbon fiber materials purchased from the original material market are placed on the reel feed rack,than thouth cutting table for cutting prepregs cut shape you need,The cut carbon fiber material is then cured and molded by other hot melt machines, and here you see the finished product - high performance carbon fiber parts.

jwei cutting table for cutting prepregs is a special cutting machine for prepregs,carbon fiber,fiberglassses and other marterials,it is using flying knife, vibrating knife form cutting, cutting effect is good, the edge without burning, and carbon fiber cutting function automatic feeding, automatic marking, automatic material receiving and other fully automatic process, so that carbon fiber products processing and production efficiency has been greatly improved.

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