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What is the development prospect of the advertising graphic industry under COVID-19?

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2020 is an extraordinary year. Whoever thinks that COVID-19 has disrupted the development plans of many industries. This year is nearing the end, but COVID-19 has not completely ended. Facing such an environment, what is the development prospect of advertising graphics? What? JWEI has provided intelligent cutting equipment for the graphic industry for many years, and has paid great attention to the industry. Let's discuss together what we should do in the future to break through the predicament.

The epidemic will accelerate the transformation of the advertising graphic industry to modern manufacturing. For printing companies, the most direct impact of the epidemic is the suspension of production due to lack of labor. The introduction of smarter equipment and more advanced assembly lines will help companies reduce their current dependence on labor and promote labor. Intensive development to smart technology.

Whether it is a production-oriented printing plant or a service-oriented advertising graphic store, it is necessary to strengthen the link and cooperation of the industrial chain. Do what you do best, and other things you are not good at can be combined or taught to a professional team. At present, companies should do what they do best, and seriously consider low-efficiency input and output, especially in the context of this year's epidemic.

If there is no sufficient data and resources to support, companies should not rush to make new investments. For some businesses with lower returns, it is also recommended to make adjustments where possible, and devote more energy to their most advantageous business. , Make it to the extreme, and establish cooperation with more companies, which may bring even broader opportunities for companies.

In the past, the company wanted to develop into a comprehensive one, involving all aspects. But as competition intensifies, it is difficult to think that every sector and business has an advantage without outstanding advantages. Therefore, we have to create personalized products and provide customers with customized services, so as to enhance brand differentiation and gain a firm foothold in the industry. The LST03-0806-RM launched by JWEI is a personalized demand solution for the advertising graphic industry. It can automatically send and cut an integrated assembly line, and cut a variety of special shapes. No matter what the customer’s needs are, it can be easily handled by equipment. , Is an indispensable weapon for business expansion of advertising graphic customers.

Only when everyone learns to adapt in a special environment, can they get out of the predicament and grow against the trend. JWEI will escort your personalized innovation.


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