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What is the difference between white cardboard and coated paper?

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White cardboard and coated paper are frequently used materials in the graphic industry, and are generally used to make cartons, business cards, and picture albums. When choosing to use these two materials to make products, you must have a clear understanding of the difference between the two materials. JWEI's graphic die-cutting machine often cuts these two kinds of materials. I have an in-depth understanding of them. I will give you a specific introduction:

1. The length of time that can be saved is different

Coated paper is made by using base paper as the basic material in the printing and production process by applying a layer of white paint on the outer surface of the base paper and calendering. It is limited by the use of raw materials. Once the coated paper is contaminated with moisture There will be problems such as shedding or adhesion, and the storage time is often very limited. However, the raw materials used in the production of white cardboard are imported wood pulp. Therefore, after the pattern is printed on the white cardboard and put into use, it is not easy to be interfered by external factors and can be stored for longer than the coated paper.

2. Different hardness and main application areas

Since the main production material of coated paper is relatively soft, the softness of the coated paper will not be significantly improved even if the coated paper is processed or processed in the later stage, so most of the coated paper is used to make magazines or color advertising leaflets . The main material of white cardboard, wood pulp, is inherently higher in hardness than the base paper. In addition, the white cardboard will be processed further to further increase its hardness. At present, the relatively frequent application of white cardboard is mostly for making invitations or postcards. And product tags and other fields.

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