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These three items should be paid attention to when expanding the business of the graphic printing shop

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Three years after the opening of the graphic store, the general business is relatively mature and stable. At this time, many bosses have begun to expand their business. After all, a small graphic store has limited performance. Only by expanding the business can the performance be improved. JWEI is the graphic industry We have provided die-cutting machines for many years and have a deep understanding of the industry. We will explain three key points that need to be paid attention to when expanding business.

1. Equipment

At present, the only advantage compared to some other typing and copying shops is that they are fully equipped, but in fact, most of the equipment for this business is almost the same. It is necessary to investigate new intelligent equipment to highlight the advantages. JWEI launched LST03-0806 -RM is an exclusive delivery and cutting assembly line for the graphic industry. It can automatically deliver and harvest with high efficiency. It can complete services that cannot be achieved by conventional graphic shop cutting equipment, such as customization, small batch production, special-shaped cutting, etc. Is the key to improving the differentiation of your store.

2. Geography

Regarding the regional nature of the graphic advertising store, if the location of the residential area is not suitable, there are not many target customers. If the weak business is attributed to these regional factors, it will cause continuous cost investment and seriously affect business development.

3. business

If the business is a passive type of business, if such a business is lucky, it will be like an Internet outlet. It is generally luck that pigs can fly, but this is by no means the long-term way to do business. Some people have realized this point. When reopening the market, then we must pay attention to opening up the market instead of blindly doing activities. Activities sometimes increase cost input.

If you are learning about innovative equipment in the graphic industry, you might as well get to know JWEI's LST03-0806-RM, which will surely let you not disappoint.


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