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Introduction to the functional characteristics of JWEI gasket cutting machine

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Gaskets are materials that we rarely see in our daily lives, but are widely used. Most of them are made of paper, rubber sheet or copper sheet, and are placed between two flat surfaces to strengthen the seal. Commonly used gaskets are Non-asbestos gasket, asbestos gasket, rubber gasket, non-asbestos plate gasket, aramid gasket, cylinder gasket, rubber gasket, cotton rubber plate gasket, silicone gasket, etc. The shapes of gaskets are various. It is difficult for conventional gasket cutting machines to cut special shapes. The intelligent cutting equipment produced by JWEI can completely cut complex shapes. Many customers have also chosen our gasket cutting machines for Everyone explain the specific features:

1. Equipped with an intelligent cutting head, you can change tools according to your needs, and can cut all kinds of gaskets effectively, with strong practicability.
2. Equipped with automatic feeding device, which can realize continuous feeding, realize long-span cutting, unlimited theoretical cutting length, improve production efficiency and high degree of automation.
3. The equipment has high cutting accuracy and extremely small error, which meets the strict requirements of gasket production for accuracy.
4. Vibrating knife cutting, the cutting surface is smooth and round, without secondary processing, it can be used directly, reducing the production process and improving production efficiency.

The above is a brief introduction to JWEI gasket cutting machine. For more equipment features, please consult online customer service.

The following is a display of gasket cutting effect:



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