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Three tips about how to choose the gift box

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The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming,so you should sent the moon cake for your friends,Do you pay attention to the outer packaging of moon cakes when you buy them,In fact,there are some consideration when you choose them.as we all know,no matter moon cake gift box or other gift boxes, are a practical gift packaging with the expression of affection, is the extension of the form of packaging social needs.the gift box is divided into paper products,plastic products,metal products, glass products,combination products and so on.Among them, the general gift box is mostly made of paper packaging, which is related to Chinese traditional culture. We have a romantic feeling in our hearts, as if it can express our solemn feelings in our hearts.The editor of Digital Flatbed Cutting Tables will share three tips about how to choose the gift box for you .



* The practicability of gift box packaging

The mainly function of gift box is to protect the gift in the box without damage,damp,deformation and on.the general materials of gift box is made of all kinds of grey board,cardboard,etc,such as moon cake gift box,tea gift box and so on.But some gifts need to be stored in the refrigerator environment, because of the paper packaging is easy to be wet by water, so food grade PVC,PET and other plastic materials will be chosen to make gift box.What kind of packaging materials should be used, which is according to the characteristics of specific products and the practicability of gift box packaging to achieve the purpose of protecting the quality of products and the sense of use.

*Innovation of gift box packaging

With the homogenization of goods, the novel and unique gift box packaging is favored by the market,the packaging manufacturers are strengthening the originality of packaging gift box design to be not compared with other packaging manufacturers.JWEI's Digital Flatbed Cutting Tables can meet the realization of all kinds of innovation of the gift box,Any ideas about the gift box will realized by JWEI's Digital Flatbed Cutting Tables,whether it is a single or a few,dozens,hundreds,can quickly complete the production of gift boxes .

*Pertinence of gift box packaging

For different groups, you need to have different styles ,For example,Older people prefer bright colors like bright red, while younger people prefer Nordic minimalism.There are also regional differences in the packaging of gift boxes,In some places, the packaging of gift boxes will highlight local characteristics and customs, for example, the design of the outer packaging should consider adding landmark buildings or ethnic minority images.




the introduction of three tips about how to choose the gift box is completed,do you like it?Now we will share the video of Digital Flatbed Cutting Tables with double knife tool to cut KT board for making the gift box.



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