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CB03II-1113 Carton Box Cutting Machine
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CB03II-1113 Carton Box Cutting Machine

Brand:  JWEI

Type: Cutting machine

Factory: Zhejiang,China

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JWEI CB03II-1113 Carton Box Cutting Machine creates the choice for many printing and packaging enterprises to boost their market competitiveness by intelligent production and decreasing much cost.CB03II-1113 Carton Box Cutting Machine is integrated into the decades of JWEI experience in printing and packaging industry, and grows lots of successful packaging cases.CB03II-1113 is especially suitable for the application of gift boxes, packaging lining,cake card,display rack, paper crafts,PVC box,sweet box,etc.and it’s no problem at all to cut the materials such as paper card, coated paper, PVC, special paper, corrugated paper, grey board, honeycomb board, ABS board, PVC sheet, PP plate sheet,EPE, EVA foam, KT board, self-adhesive,etc.

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Sheet edges auto recognition/cut on back

Automatically scan sheet edges and cut prints precisely

Cutting Depth Auto Offset

Auto offset of cutting depth through pressure sensing system, eliminating manual errors.

High-end 6-axis high speed motion control system

Tools exchangeable and it delivers fast and precise finishing output with appropriate tools.

Individual Vacuum Zones

6 individual vacuum zones deliver strong hold-down force even for small material.


Real-time monitoring of machinery operation, easy with connection to third-party systems,and management on cloud.


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