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The new machine TB09-1113 carton folding box cutting machine with the same system as SCUTTER comes!

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Recently, JWEI released the latest graphic and packaging cutting weapon TB09-1113 carton folding box cutting machine, once released,TB09-1113 carton folding box cutting machine has received an enthusiastic response, so, what is TB09-1113 different from the other graphic and packaging cutter ? what is used for ? let us take a look.



JWEI's TB09-1113 carton folding box cutting machine is especial designed for graphic and packaging industry,which is applied for cutting a lots of graphic materials and packaging materials including honeycomb board,corrugated board,EVA foam,pvc sheet,EPE foam, sticker,cardboard ,paper , grey cardboard, KT board, PVC expansion sheet,light slide,  PP gum, pp plate sheet,car sticker, flag fabric, arcylic  etc. it is equipped with three machine head so that you can finish the all kinds of folding box at once,such as pvc box ,gift box,color box,carton box, cardboard box,KT box and so on.the effective cutting size is 1,300 x1100mm.



The features of TB09-1113 carton folding box cutting machine

➤ Three machine head device
TB09-1113 carton folding box cutting machine is equipped with the three machine head device including oscillating knife tool,creasing wheel tool and slotting tool,which can finish carton folding box at once without change the tools,it is convenient to make all kinds of box.

➤ SCUTTER control system
Equipped with the JWEI SCUTTER control system which has the top technology hardware, TB09-1113 carton folding box cutting machine ensures higher speed, higher precision,higher quality cutting of 50mm material and the cutting efficiency is up to 1,800 mm/S.

Multiple set of tools operate synchronously
Completing multiple processes at a time and avoid duplication of work.

QR visual positioning system
You can have a clear glance of the parameters of positioning, cutting,production batch,and then control machine intelligently.

Independent operating platform
With beautiful appearance,the operating platform is convenient to handle and can avoid losing tools.

Intelligent partition system
There are six partition in the machine table, the feeding and cutting process is synchronous.




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