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Why is the JWEI RC03III garment template cutting machine different from other garment template cutting machine ?

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The first professional garment template cutting machine and the first set of professional template optimization software both comes from JWEI.JWEI is the first manufacturer in Chinese who pay attention to the garment template industry,and has created a new era in the garment template industry by combining the actual needs of users and continuous R & D .



JWEI RC03III garment template cutting machine can be used to realize template cutting and paper pattern cutting and is easy to replace materials,it has the following highlights,such as:

1.Multi layer cutting: the maximum thickness can be cut by 10mm by using wet process ;
2.Professional template software: JWEI template software is so intelligent that it contains so many functions: intelligent slotting /standard template database /quilted stitching of down-filled jacket with one click hollowing out/one click splitting of code files/template design multiple requirements standardized one key generation.Software compatible format newly increased to PDF / XML / cut / NT.
3.Comprehensive training service system: JWEI provides systematic training service and staff can operate template design after only 3-hour training.
4.Optional household voltage: you can use 220V power to handle the machine which is cost saving. Equipped with dust collection function ,JWEI RC03III solution is environmental protection and safety.
5.Multiple diameter milling cutters: milling cutters ensure high cutting accuracy, and meet the requirements of different slotting widths, the cut samples would be clean.
6.New engraving function: the engraving trace is clear, and the template can be used for a long time.
7.Vacuum partition adsorption: the super strong adsorption force reduces material waste and maximizes the utility.

JWEI RC03III garment template cutting machine can be applied to do the pocket opening template, lower collar template and bag cover template etc.



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