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How to choose the location of Open Graphic Printing Store?

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To a certain extent, the location of the fast printing shop is directly related to the business scope of the fast printing shop and the source of customers, and thus indirectly related to the selection of the fast printing shop's equipment and other distribution manpower and material resources. Therefore, the location of the store is the first consideration for the company's investment. When the external environment changes, it is not like human, financial, material and other business elements that can be adjusted accordingly because of its long-term and fixed characteristics.

Compared with large and medium-sized printing companies, the service industry of graphic printing shops is more intense, and customers often hope to enjoy the "nearby" service while enjoying the unique personalized, fast, and on-demand services of digital printing. . A closer look at the domestic graphic printing shops, we can find that most graphic printing shops can generally be divided into the following situations: one is located in a prosperous commercial area or business district; the other is located in various office buildings Bottom; third is located in the school concentrated area; fourth is located in the concentrated area of ​​architectural design institutes. So, how much influence does the location of the digital printing store have on the operation? What criteria should be used to select the location? What factors need to be considered when selecting a location?

The division of business districts in the city where investors are located needs to be divided according to different factors, such as the nature and type of business of the fast printing shop. The candidate business district should have a large number of potential business resources suitable for fast printing shops and match their existing business capabilities. At the same time, it should be geographically close to the main customer source of the fast printing store, so that it can provide services to customers nearby, and customer resources can meet the business demand of the fast printing store, and finally pay attention to avoiding the store’s unsustainable operation due to urban planning. Lost existing customers.

Through the above screening, you can choose to open a store in a large area. The next step is to select a specific location in a business district. At this point, you can initially select 3 to 5 possible store locations in the business district for further screening. The initial selection of the store location is a qualitative choice, qualitatively judging the potential impact of the store location, store appearance, distance from the target customer, and traffic conditions on the future store operating performance.

If the site selection is good in the early stage, some customers will come one after another, but the big customers still need to run by themselves. For specific business methods, you can learn from JWEI Technology.

JWEI has provided intelligent die-cutting machines for the graphic industry for more than 10 years, and has a good understanding of the industry. The latest LST03-0806-RM is an equipment that can solve the problem that graphic stores cannot accept customized small batch short orders. With it, you can effectively increase your business volume. For more information, please contact us.


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