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What are advantages of the carbon fiber composite materials?

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JWEI customer sevice often receives inquires form customers about carbon fiber cutting machine,including the automotive industry,aerospace industry,shipbuilding industry,etc,.and there is a trend of rapid improvement.Why more and more industries start to choose carbon fiber composite materials?because the material has some significant advantages.JWEI has been engaged in the research and development and sales of composite material cutting machine for more then 10 years,and has an in-depth understanding of the industry.Let my talk about carbon fiber materials,what are the advantages.

Lightweight and high strength:The most well-known advantages of carbon fiber materials are lightweight and high strength,the density of carbon fiber materials is only 1.7g/m3,which is 60% of aluminum alloy and less than 1/4 of steel,which  helps to achieve lightweight structure.It is widely used in weight-reducing components.At the same time,the mechanical properties of carbon fiber materials are very outstanding,Its tensile strength is several times that of steel.The comprehensive indicators of specific strength and specific modulus are better than existing structural materials.The flexural strength and shear strength of the product can effectively meet the needs of use.

Chemical properties:The difference between carbon fiber and metal materials is that carbon fiber is a non-metallic material,so carbon fiber materials has low electrochemical activity,has outstanding corrosion resistance and anti-aging properties,can adapt to a variety of working enviroments,and extend the usage time of carbon fiber products.

Thermal performance:The production of carbon fiber requires high-temperature carbonization and graphization,the temperature required is very high,so the working temperature of carbon fiber itsalf is very high,but carbon fiber requires resin to form carbon fiber composite materials,so the general working temperature of carbon fiber composite materials is 150°C,the current working temperature of thermoplasitc carbon fiber material can reach higher.The carbon fiber material has a small thermal expansion coefficient and basically does not deform with changes in operating temperature,ensuring dimensional stability.

With the advancement of technology,the applacation range of carbon fiber will become wider and wider.Jwei has also been further improving the cutting effect of carbon fiber to meet different cutting needs of customers.If you have any cutting needs of carbon fiber,glass fiber and other composite materials,you can learn more JWEI's cutting machine,I believe you will not be disappointed.


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