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Key points of carton packaging design

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Carton packaging is used in various industries,and the packaging industry is also vary competitive.How to make your carton stand out from the competition?Then you need to hard work on carton packaging design.There are several points that must be paid attention to when designing,JWEI will explain in detail:

Successful carton designs can often achieve three effects:far reaching effects-eye-catching;near effects-fascinating;long-term effects-impressive.

At the same time,a successful carton packaging design must have five basic points:

  1. Goods-shelf impression

Good designs can make the Goods on the shelf have a strong attraction to customers.

  1. Readability

The text on the packaging should be clear and easy to read,and the product description should be simple and straightforward.

  1. Appearance pattern.

The appearance pattern must be beautiful and generous,eye-catching,metaphorical and artistic to succeed.

  1. Trademark impression

The trademark should be concise and clear ,so that you can leave a deep impression at a glance.

  1. Description of functional characteristics

The functions,characteristics,opening methods,precautions,etc.of the goods should also be shown in simple and clear graphics.

The visual communication elements of carton packaging design are embodied in the application of visual image text,color and design illustrations,which constitute the visual communication carrier of carton design.The performance of visual communication elements is not equal to decoration and beautification,especially personal preference for decoration and beautification.in principle.

It must be based on accurately and fully expressing product information.integrating visual aesthetics into it,so that the products and show themselves more perfectly through packaging,and create more sales opportunities.

Including text and patterns,text is one of the elements of carton art design,can play the main part of conveying product information,but also the artistic effect of packaging art design.The pattern can directly convey the information of the carton,which is also very important!


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