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A article about the introduction of the application of digital cutting tables

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There have been a lots of questions from customers recently about the digital cutting tables,such as which is the model of digital cutting tables used to make box and gift box? Can you reconmend the digital cutting tables for me? what is the function of machine? what is the cutting size of it ? it has the function of automatic edge cutting ? There have a article about the introduction of the application of digital cutting tables for you.


JWEI's digital cutting tables is specially designed for paper box,gift box,corrugated paper box,color box,art produce,Packing liner,cake box,pop-up book and other paper production,it can cut a lots of materials ,including 3/5/7 layer of corrugated board cutting ,white cardboard cutting,grey board slotting,label sticker haft cutting,EVA foam cutting,pvc sheet cutting ,special paper board and so on. it is applied to packaging industry,digital proofing,funitures industry,packaging material,etc.


There have three the model of digital cutting tables to choose,the firstly machine is CB series ,it has the model of CB03II-1113,CB03II-1816,CB03II-1816,etc. the cutting size of machine is 1.1*1.3m,1.8*1.6m,2.5*1.6m,If you want to more big size of machine,our factory has custom service.digital cutting tables for making box is equipped with oscillating cutting tool,the pressure roller of different size,plot pen,etc.therefore,it can cut,press,slot to meet the processing requirement of different paper products.the cutting thickness is up to 50mm,the cutting speeding is up to 1200mm/s,the cutting precision is up to 0.1mm,and it cut the non metal material with the oscillating tool without burning and geting yellow; the secondly machine is LSC series,the cutting size of digital cutting tables is 1.5*0.8 meter,the cutting thickness of material is less than 2mm,such as paper card,label sticker,inviter card,greeting card,It has an indentation roller instead of an indentation wheel to make the dark lines of the card box;the third machine is LS series,it is different from CB series and LSC series, LST series digital cutting tables not noly is suitable for box proofing but also for small batch production of carton box without die cutting machine.it has the model of LST03II-0806-RM,LST03II-0912-RM,LST-0604-RM,the cutting size of machine is 800*600mm,900*1200mm,600*400mm.



The above is the introduction of the application of digital cutting tables,If you want to know more information about the digital cutting tables,please you contact us wechat/whatsapp is +86 183 6827 5009

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