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why do you need the digital cutting table for cutting KT board of advertisement industry ?

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why do you need the digital cutting table for cutting KT board of advertisement industry ?let's seen JWEI technology power in cutting KT board of advertisement industry.

KT board is a kind of new material made of polystyrene particles that is light,easy to process, and can be directly paint,screen printed on the board......KT board is widely used in advertising, model aircraft, architectural decoration, packaging and printing industry,DIY production and cosplay props etc.In terms of application in advertising, KT board is used for the exhibition, display and notice of product publicity information and so on.


digital cutting tables

Cutting sample of digital cutting tables:horse


JWEI provide efficient cutting solutions for a variety of flexible material include KT board,UV material, outdoor printing fabric, light sheet, gridding cloth, flag fabric, stickers,  PVC expansion sheet, corrugated paper, honeycomb board etc, JWEI advertisement solution CB08II-2516-RM digital cutting table can easily solve the KT board cutting problems and other flexible material, so if you has the jwei digital cutting tables ,you will cost less time to finish your orders,and the effectiveness of cutting  is good. it has the following advantages:


CB08II-2516-RM digital cutting table


Customizable machine format

The size of digital cutting table can be customized according to the cutting requirements. Regular specification of digital cutting table has 2500*1600mm,3100*2100mm,3000*3200mm and so on .

Automatic feeding and collecting system
Fully automated system optimizes the production process,and the machine operator only needs to do one thing that is to load and unload the materials.

Intelligent scanning QR code
Retrieving the cutting file quickly and cutting automatically through the QR code function integrated in JWCS,it is particularly convenient to use for multi-batches of cutting tasks.

High-speed processing
realize high-speed processing through high frequency oscillating knife of 18000RPM, the cutting efficiency is 38% higher than the previous efficiency.



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