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Cutting corrugated board by JWEI Cnc Carton Cutting Machine

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Corrugated board is mainly used to manufacture cartons, carton sandwich and other packaging materials for fragile goods,it has good elasticity,extension,buffer effect,and high mechanical strength,which can be made into various sizes of container or cushion.With the following advantages,JWEI Cnc Carton Cutting Machine(corrugated board assembly line solution) is professionally made for the cutting of corrugated paper,which is the leading automation assembly line in the industry.


The features of Cnc Carton Cutting Machine


➤ Back cutting function
the domestic leading back cutting function can avoid excessive indentation and overcutting, improve the quality of finished products.


➤ Rolling platform + automatic feeding and collecting system
equipped with the rolling platform + automatic feeding and collecting system,the production efficiency would improve exponentially.


➤ Stacking loading and unloading
It realizes loading and unloading easily, greatly improve the efficiency of the before and next work flow.


➤ Malleable head device
multiple sets of tools operate synchronously,and various technics can be completed at one time.


➤ QR visual positioning system
intelligently identify and control parameters such as positioning, cutting,production batch and so on.



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