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Which CNC Cardboard Cutting Machine is best for cutting cardboard?

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It's necessary to have a very good high quality CNC Cardboard Cutting Machine, to start a box manufacturing machine.


JWEI's CNC cardboard cutting machine is best for cutting cardboard ,including cutting corrugated board, honeycomb board, grey board,EPE foam, EVA foam,soft membrane,flag cloth, light boxes, tarpaulin, KT board, PVC expansion sheet ,Acrylic ,PVC sheet, label sticker,PVC expansion sheet etc. as JWEI's CNC cardboard cutting machine is equipped with oscillating knife tool for kinds of paper and kiss cut tool for kiss cutting on thin multi-layer materials,V-cut tool for 0,15,22.5,30,45 degree bevel cutting and materials up to 20mm thickness,rotary tool for cut UV fabric ,carbon fiber,glass fiber and textiles and so on, it is easy to change different tool,the cutting speed of jwei's cnc cardboard cutting machine is up to 1200mm/s,the cutting thickness is up to 50mm (depends on different materials),therefore,you can cut all kinds of materials into any shape to make any produce,such as paper box,door plate,display stands,pvx box, label sticker,paper handbags,gift box ,scraching board,color box ,etc.


We have still more ,if you want to know information about the JWEI CNC Cardboard Cutting Machine, please you contact us wechat/whatsapp +86 18368275009

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