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What is JWEI CNC digital cutter? How do JWEI CNC digital cutter work ?

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JWEI CNC digital cutter,also known as knife cutting machine or digital flatbed cutter, which is designed to cut flexible materials with anto feeding and collecting.JWEI CNC digital cutter is suitable for cutting,creasing,slitting of sticker,cards,door hangers from paper,cardboard,PVC and other materials .the maximum sheet size of cnc digital cutter is 900*1200mm ,the minimum sheet size of cnc digital cutter is 800*600mm.The operator does not have to worry about it during the cutting process,because it is very flexible and optimally suited for short runs, and it can cut different pattern of materials by reading a unique QR code.

How do JWEI cnc digital cutter work, please you look at the video as follows.





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