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Where is the new market in the graphic industry?

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By: JWEI Technology

The big business environment change this year has affected many industries. For graphic printing, it is also a huge challenge. First, the store is unable to operate normally, or the business hours are shortened. Secondly, industry demand is delayed or suppressed. Breakout not only needs to maintain the original business line, but also needs to open up new markets.

After investigation and interviews, JWEI found a new blue ocean with great potential: one is wedding / business / graduation customization, and the other is the video production output from mobile phone / network platform. What they have in common is: customization and personalization. More importantly, the stock market is huge, the added value is high, and the profit margin is large.

So, what investment do you need to make? JWEI's recommendations are:

  1. Pay attention to the personalized output products of graduation season, wedding customization, business customization and ins, facebook, twitter and other platforms.
  2. We recommend that you start to implement online order taking and production. Providing on-demand customized services can reach your target customers to a greater extent and obtain orders through low-cost network investment. This will certainly be the future industry trend.
  3. Control expenses and invest in equipment with high cost performance and high conversion, such as the JWEI LST graphic machine series.

JWEI graphics and text machine series, with small space occupation, available in 600 * 400 and 800 * 600 sizes. Can smoothly connect to your existing equipment, application materials include: coated paper, cardboard, stickers, labels, plastic films and so on.


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