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Application of JWEI in advertising industry

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Everyone knows that there are many materials in the advertising industry. Common and commonly used are: Chevron board, PP, acrylic, PVC transparent film and PVC hard film, photo cloth, canvas, knife scraper, KT board and so on. With the rise of outdoor advertising (subway, airport, high-speed rail station), knife-scraper cloth is widely used as the material of light box films.

Knife scraping cloth is a kind of high-strength chemical synthetic material, which is divided into high-gloss surface and matte surface. Different types can be selected according to different application scenarios. For example, highlights are mainly used indoors, and matte surfaces can be used both indoors and outdoors. This material has very good stability, as well as resistance to aging and cold. Can be used in large outdoor advertising places, and construction, canopy, inflatable materials and other fields.

The blade scraper cloth is thicker than ordinary inkjet cloth, and it is more colorful and durable than traditional cloth, and it is not easy to fade, so the picture after application is highly restored and the color is delicate. However, it is precisely because of its high strength and large format that it is difficult to make and process and cut difficult. The Jingwei CB08II series has a 3.2-meter wide-format cutting, synchronous cutting and feeding, and can automatically and easily cut the squeegee.

JWEI CB08II series can be used for high-strength industrial production. It is a high-end industrial-grade CNC cutting machine of Jingwei Technology. It has up to 50 technical innovations, comprehensive smart upgrades, good at craftsmanship and loyal to quality! Considering customer hoisting, Jingwei breaks through the original technical limitations of the industry, and provides splicing customization, length and width can be customized and extended, creating an optimal solution that combines technology and practicality perfectly.


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