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what is Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine? what materials it is cutting?

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The Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine is currently used in the non-metallic flexible material cutting technology of a more extensive processing equipment, which is mainly used for cutting through the high frequency oscillating of the knife, which has the features of high precision, high speed, not limited to cutting patterns, auto feeding and collecting, intelligent typesetting to reduce cost of materials and so on. the oscillating knife cutting machine has a multi-functional head, it is equipped with different tools and different cutting tools, and the tools for cutting different materials will change as well,for example,the oscillating cutting tool is suitable for cutting leather sponge composite material,the rounds knife tool is suitbale for cutting fabric,the kiss-cut tool is suitable for cutting adhesive sticker,in a word,oscillating Knife Cutting Machine has vaies of cutting tools to meet your cutting requirement. such as you can cut corrugated board,honeycomb board,cardboard,adhesive sticker,pet materials,Polyester fiber board,PVC sheet,PVC foam,EVA,carbon fiber,glass fiber,presoak cloth material,fabric,gasket,carpet,KT board,rubber and so on by oscillating knife cutting machine.



In the flexible materials cutting, many people are troubled by precessing of PVC sheet,garment fabric,KT board,EVA,PVC sofe glass,etc,because of there are many questions about high worker cost, low efficiency,low precision, cutting edge of yellow and unsightly, if you use oscillating knife cutting machine to psocess the flexible material, you will solve  the question.the cutting efficiency of the oscillating knife cutting machine is very good and you can finish the production in the shortest time. it has a variety of cutting sizes that you choose to meet your requirement of cutting all kinds of materials.



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