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JWEI Attended the RemaDays with the Digital Advertising Solution CB03II-2516-RM flatbed cutter

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JWEI appeared at the RemaDays with intelligent advertising packaging solution CB03II-2516-RM flatbed cutter in Warsaw, Poland from March 23, 2022 to March 25, 2022. RemaDays is the largest advertising exhibition in Poland and the second largest in central and Eastern Europe. RemaDays attracted countless professional buyers came to seek business opportunities, exchange new technologies and seek new development.



JWEI intelligent advertising packaging solution CB03II-2516-RM flatbed cutter is equipped with a multi-functional machine head, that enables convenient and fast replacement of cutting tools, and integrates the functions of cutting, drawing,milling and so on.The camera positioning system in CB03II-2516-RM flatbed cutter can quickly and accurately locate and cut ,besides, through the integrated QR module, you can realize automatic production for short runs of advertising and packaging directly from a digital file, without having to make a die.While install the CB03II-2516-RM flatbed cutter,you can own an independent control platform which is friendly to use, and is convenient to quickly set various cutting parameters.



Equipped with a series of high-efficiency tools, such as electronic oscillating tool, drag knife, drawing tools, etc., CB03II-2516-RM flatbed cutter can be used to cut paper card, coated paper, PVC, special paper, corrugated paper, gray cardboard, honeycomb paperboard, ABS , PVC , EPE, EVA , light box pieces,KT board, etc,and the application scenarios of flatbed cutter that we advise is indoor or outdoor photos, posters, light boxes, display racks, personalized signs, flags, banners, car stickers, magnetic stickers, billboards, and so on.



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